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G - Personnel

New Policies:

4000 - Social Media for Personnel - Certified/Non-Certified

4000a - Social Media for Personnel - Certified/Non-CertifiedRegulation

4001 - Responsible Use for Personnel - Certified/Non-Certified

4001a - Responsible Use for Personnel - Certified/Non-CertifiedRegulation

4111-4211 Recruitment and Selection of Staff

4112.5-4212.5 - Security Check Fingerprinting

4112.61/4212.61 - HIPAA Privacy Policies

4112.61/4212.61a - Privacy Officer Regulation

4131 - Staff Development

4212.42 - Drug and Alcohol Testing for Drivers of School Buses and Student Transportation Vehicles

Existing Policies:

GA - Chapter 1 - Comparability of Services

GB - Nondiscrimination

GBA - Recruitment and Selection of Staff

GBBA - Job Descriptions

GBCBA - Sexual Harassment

GBCBA-R - Sexual Harassment

GBCC - Adherence to Connecticut Interscholastic Conference (C.I.A.C.) Regulations

GBE - Disabilities/Communicable and Infectious Diseases

GBEA - Staff Protection

GBEAA - Drug-Free Workplace

GBEAA-R - Drug-Free Workplace

GBEB - Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

GBEC - Occupational Safety and Health Act

GBEE - Fifth Disease

.GBEE-R - Fifth Disease

GBF - Gambling

GBL - Personnel Records

GC - Professional Staff

GCA - Professional Staff Positions

GCAB - Lesson Plans

GCB - Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans

GCBE - Vacations and Holidays for Professional Staff

GCD - Professional Staff Hiring

GCD-R - Professional Staff Hiring

GCDA - Hiring Interscholastic Athletic Coaches and Co-Curricular Advisors

GCDB - Hiring Department Heads and Subject Area Coordinators

GCDC - Hiring Co-Curricular Advisors

GCEA - Substitute Teachers

GCF - Professional Staff Orientation

GCJ - Professional Staff Time Schedules

GCKB - Professional Staff Meetings

GCLA - Professional Staff Visitations or Attendance at Conferences, Workshops, and Conventions

GCN - Evaluation

GCOA - Administrative Internship

GCOA-R - Administrative Internship

GCPD - Suspension/Dismissal of Professional Staff Members

GCQA - Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Members

GCQB - Professional Research and Publishing

GD - Support Staff Hiring

GDB - Support Staff Compensation

GDBAA - Support Staff Employee Recognition

GDBD - Support Staff Leaves and Absences

GDBE - Support Staff Vacations and Holidays

GDDA - Classroom Paraprofessionals

GDI - Support Staff Assignment, Work Schedules, and Transfers

GDN - Support Staff Evaluation

GDO - Support Staff Promotions or Requests for Transfer

GDPD - Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members

GDPD-R - Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members