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News from the Superintendent

Welcome to the Superintendent's news.  Here you will find the latest communications from Mrs. Bellizzi.  

Latest Communication

2024-2025 Approved Budget - Special Board of Education Meeting - 6.4.24

June 4, 2024 

Good Afternoon,

Last evening, the Board of Education finalized and approved the 2024 - 2025 Board of Education Budget for $118,017,277. This represents a $4,505,358 increase (3.97%) over the approved 2023-2024 budget. Unfortunately, this resulted in a $2,835,274 reduction to the initial 2024-2025 Board of Education request.  The budget was carefully reviewed, deliberated upon, and finally approved.  Although we faced the challenging reality of necessary budget cuts, we focused on the high standards of education and support services that our community expects.

2024-2025 Approved Board of Education Special Meeting on the Budget


Budget Request 

Financial Cost 

Financial Increase 

Percentage Increase 

Sustained Budget 




Strategic Budget 












Town Council Budget (as revised by Mayor)








Unfortunately, based on the allocated amount, we had to make very difficult decisions, ultimately resulting in personnel cuts.  

Below are the staff reductions and non-salary reductions that were approved last evening. 

Personnel Budget Reductions:

  • 3.0   FTE Certified Staff Positions - Open and will not be filled 

  • 1.0    FTE Nurse Coordinator - Open in August and will not be filled 

  • 1.0    FTE Full-Time Library Clerk - Open and will not be filled

  • .25   FTE Part-Time Copy Center Clerk - Open and will not be filled 

  • 2.0   FTE Middle School World Language Teachers (Based on Student Enrollment)

  • 4.0   FTE Elementary School Instructional Coaches 

  • 2.0   FTE Middle School Instructional Coaches 

  • 2.0   FTE Elementary World Language Teachers 

  • 1.0    FTE Special Education Department Head

  • 4.0   FTE Part-Time Clerical Positions 

    • 4 Part-Time Prek-2 Library Media Clerks 

    • 1 Part-Time Maintenance Clerk 

    • 1 Part-Time Adult Education Clerk 

    • 1 Part-Time Mark T. Sheehan High School Clerk 

    • 1 Part-Time ASTE Clerk 

  • 8.0  FTE Grade 1 Instructional Paraeducators  

  • 1.0   FTE Career Counselor 

  • 1.0   FTE Teacher Salary - Grant Funded 

  • 1.0   FTE Part-Time Greeters  

  • Nurse Retirement Savings 

  • Strategic Items - except for the Center for Innovation and Design and the Health Office Assistant for Pond Hill Elementary School 

Non-Salary Budget Reductions

  • Reduction of resources and supplies from Curriculum, Special Education, Technology, Personnel, Business Office Departments 

  • 10% reduction from School Building Budgets 

Strategic Enhancement Budget Items Added to Sustained Budget

The Board of Education approved the following positions to be included in the 2024-2025 Sustained Budget. 

  • Center for Innovation and Design Director 

  • Part-time Health Office Assistant 

Additional Requests of the Board of Education

The Board of Education also reached a consensus, and the Mayor and Town Council appropriated $350,000 for the replacement of two boilers at Pond Hill Elementary School.

Additional Request Using 2% Funding 

The Board of Education allocated the use of funding from the 2% account for the following items:

  • Resurface and Repaint Tennis Courts at Lyman Hall High School  

  • Resurface and Repaint Tennis Courts at Mark T. Sheehan  High School  

  • Renovate Ballfields (Baseball and Softball) at Dag Hammarskjöld Middle School 

Preschool Charge for the 2025-2026 School Year 

The Board Of Education voted to institute nominal monthly tuition for preschool students based on the CT Office of Early Childhood’s fee schedule for the 2025-2026 school year. 

Grant Funding 

Grant Funding will be used to purchase the Securly E-Hall Pass systems for Lyman Hall High School and Mark T. Sheehan High School. This electronic hall pass system will allow administrators and teachers to issue and track student hall passes. 

Change to the Daily Substitute Rate for the 2024-2025 School Year 

The Board of Education approved changing the daily substitute rate for the 2024-2025 school year to $110.00 a day.

Our focus remains on delivering quality education and supporting the growth and success of our students. We are confident that, with the collaborative efforts of our entire community, we will navigate these challenges effectively. Your understanding, patience, and continued support are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


Danielle Bellizzi