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Early Childhood Exploratory Committee

An Early Childhood Exploratory Committee (ECEC) has been formed to explore early childhood programming in Wallingford. This team, facilitated by Shawn Parkhurst, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, met on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 to kickoff this work. The goal of the team is to explore various aspects of early childhood programming both locally and internationally to determine the needs of the Wallingford community. The team will present their findings to the Board of Education's Instructional Committee in November/December.

Early Childhood Exploratory Committee Final Report December 8, 2014

Early Childhood Exploratory Committee Final Report- Spanish December 8, 2014

Early Childhood Exploratory Committee Financial Implications December 8, 2014

Full Committee Meeting October 15th at 4:00 pm - 43 Hall Avenue

SubCommittees Reports

Identificationof Need

Fundamental issues is bigger than just "do we implement full day K or do we not?" Need shows that full day kindergarten benefits the at risk students the most. Emphasis must be on preschool for all students or a combination of the two programs for Wallingford.

Research/Analysis of Present Practice

Research within our own district shows that out of the 63 students that attended our PreK program last year, only 3 of those 63 qualified as at risk this year in their kindergarten year. Handouts were provided that highlighted the movements throughout the state and internationally on age 3 to third grade.

Resource/Cost Analysis

Implementation Plan

District Transformation Initiative Alignment

Minutes and Support Documents

September 18, 2013 - Kickoff PowerPoint

What does Early Childhood & The Common Core Mean?

PreSchools Prepare for Rigor in Kindergarten

Next Steps: Two subcommittees will outline what a full day PreK program would look like and another will outline what a full day Kindergarten program would look like. The group will reconvene to review on November 7th.