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Summer Learning

Summer Math

Just like reading, regular practice over the summer with problem solving, computation and math facts will maintain and strengthen the mathematical gains you made over the school year. We would actually prefer if mathematics was as entwined in our everyday thinking as reading is. This article highlighting a Harvard study, offers the specifics of four ways to integrate math into the fun of summer.

Highlight the math in everyday activities. For tips on how to do this visit this guide to Math in the Real World!

Read short math stories together.  Go to BedTime Math for some ideas to incorporate math into your daily family routines.

Play math games.  Have a family game night with games like Yahtzee, Racko, Blokus, and Monopoly or go to Greg Tang's Website to find some great ones.  These all rely on skills necessary for math, such as counting, categorizing, and building. Even playing with blocks and assembling jigsaw puzzles can help kids learn spatial skills and recognize patterns.

Find small ways to practice math at home. Our Summer Math Passport, linked below, is a fun way for families to engage with mathematics. Please read this letter explaining the program!

Parents play a big role in children’s belief about math.  There is no need for math to be a chore in the summer. Click here for some advice to encourage your child’s positive math experience and  ENJOY the math in the world around us!

Click here for links to the summer learning passports for students entering grades K-6!

Entering Kindergarten

Entering Grade 1

Entering Grade 2

Entering Grade 3

Entering Grade 4

Entering Grade 5

Entering Grade 6

Summer Reading

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. - Mason Cooley 

Providing children with books allows them to learn about the world from the comfort of home, teaches them about empathy, and provides them with the opportunity to use skills gained throughout the school year. Reading has an endless list of benefits. 

Elementary School 

We recognize that this summer may provide challenges in getting books. In order to support families, Wallingford Public Schools and Wallingford Public Librarians have created a website with virtual resources. This website is filled with tutorials, book lists, and collections of free digital books. This year’s program is a state wide theme Tails & Tales. Registration begins on June 1st. To register, click here. www.wallingfordlibrary.org/summer-reading/ Once registered, students can track their progress online. To complete the program and earn a prize drawing entry, read 600 minutes this summer. If you finish early, keep going! By reading 1200 minutes before August 21st, you will earn a chance to win one of the Grand Prizes. If families prefer paper copies, they are available at the Wallingford Public Library. Please read this letter for all of the details on the Summer Reading program for students K-6! 

Middle and High School 

*Incoming sixth graders have the option to participate in both the elementary and middle school programs. 

This year, the Wallingford Public Library is offering a summer reading program for teens to motivate and provide resources to support students and families in reading throughout the summer. This year’s program is: 
Tell Your Tale: You Do You ~ The best way to tell your tale is if you do you. This summer students can explore everything it means to be themselves. This teen summer program will encourage students to explore the interests that make them unique and let them tell the world their tale. Prize entries will be earned when they Read, Create, Play, Explore, or Tell Us Who You Are. Open to all students entering grades 6-12, Tell Your Tale: You Do You will run between July 1st- August 21st. Registration begins June 1st. For full information or to register, please visit walpublib.org/3eImSSd. If you have any questions please contact Kayleigh Sprague, Head of Teen Services at the Wallingford Public Library at ksprague@wallingfordlibrary.org 

Summer Reading Letter for middle and high school students


As part of the Wallingford STEM initiative, this summer the Wellness and Science and Technology departments are collaborating to bring you Train Like An Astronaut summer learning activities.

How can you and your family participate?

1. Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app.

2. Register for one personal account for your family with a username & password of your choice. Or log in from last year.

3. Search for and click "Train Like A Wallingford Astronaut".

Each challenge provides directions on what you will do to participate. You can participate in one, some, or all of the challenges. Post your pictures to the app so we can see how many activities you have completed.

Enjoy the summer, and have fun training!

For more STEM activities, you can join "2021 Wallingford STEM Town Challenge" on GooseChase as well.