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Summer Learning

Summer Math

Just like reading, regular practice over the summer with problem solving, computation and math facts will maintain and strengthen the mathematical gains you made over the school year. We would actually prefer if mathematics was as entwined in our everyday thinking as reading is. This article highlighting a Harvard study, offers the specifics of four ways to integrate math into the fun of summer.

Highlight the math in everyday activities.

Read short math stories together.  Go to BedTime Math for some ideas to incorporate math into your daily family routines.

Play math games.  Go to Greg Tang's Website to find some great ones or have a family game night with games like Yahtzee, Racko, Blokus, Monopoly, and Set.  These all rely on skills necessary for math, such as counting, categorizing, and building. Even playing with blocks and assembling jigsaw puzzles can help kids learn spatial skills and recognize patterns.

Find small ways to practice math at home. Our summer program, linked below, is a fun way for families to engage with mathematics and our community. Multiple methods to solve the problem can be shared, defended, and discussed.

There is no need for math to be a chore in the summer. Enjoy the math in the world around us!

Click here for links to the summer learning passports for students in grades K-6!

Summer Reading

What better time to go on new adventures and relax with some good books than summer? No matter how old you are, reading improves with practice. Summer reading is a key component to the continued academic success for all students. Reading supports vocabulary growth, comprehension, problem-solving, and the development of effective communication skills. Good reading habits will prevent summer reading loss and help to ensure that your child is fully prepared for the start of the new school year.

Students can keep track of what they are reading either by registering online through the Wallingford Public Library or by keeping a summer reading log of their own to bring back during the first week of school. 

Click on the links below for suggested summer reading lists and resources. Our hope as a school district is for each of our students to discover books or other reading materials that they truly enjoy!


Summer Science

This summer students and families of all ages are invited to participate in a series of STEM challenges and experiences. The challenges ask students and families to dream, design, and do using the Wallingford 3D Learning model. 

Dates: July 8 through August 19
Locations: 2 challenges are in specific locations this summer, the others can be done at home

The final STEM Challenge Night is August 19 from 6-8pm at Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theater. There will be a math and a science challenge that night!

Join the Summer STEM Challenge:

     1. Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app.
     2. Register for one personal account for your family with a username & password of your choice. Or log in from last year.
    3. Search for and click "Summer STEM Challenge".

Each challenge lists materials and directions you will need to participate. You can participate in one, some, or all of the challenges!

If you participate in the summer challenges, starting on June 10 at 100 South Turnpike Road from 9-3, you can come pick up a lawn sign for your yard to proudly declare that you are a Wallingford STEM Challenge Participant.

All of the challenges will also be posted on http://tinyurl.com/WallingfordSTEMTown

Have a great time!

Summer Physical Activity

People walking outside

Your physical education teachers do a great job of providing fun movement opportunities throughout the school year. It is extremely important to continue that healthy habit throughout the summer. What is the best type of exercise for a kid? PLAYING!!!

Part of the Wallingford Public School’s Summer Learning initiative is to get kids excited about playing. Each weak during the summer, students and families of all ages will be challenged to participate in a different physical activity. You can upload a picture of your family or child participating to earn points in our physical activity scavenger hunt game.

How can you and your family PLAY?!

1. Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app.
2. Register for one personal account for your family with a username & password of your choice. Or log in from last year.
3. Search for and click "Summer STEM Challenge".

As you can see, we have partnered with math and science to use the Summer STEM Challenge app. Each challenge provides directions on what you will do to participate. You can participate in one, some, or all of the challenges.

Enjoy the summer, and have fun playing!

Summer Reading at the Wallingford Public Library

Wallingford Public Library Logo

Summer Reading is one of the major activities each year at the Wallingford Public Library. We know that it is essential for school children to spend time reading each summer to prevent reading loss between June and September. It is also important because summer offers time to explore the world and to choose unique topics that interest and delight us as individuals. Our goal is to make sure everyone finds what they need during the summer!

Students can come register at the library to keep track of their summer reading electronically.

Wallingford Public Library's Digital Media (ebooks, audiobooks, magazines) https://www.wallingford.lioninc.org/services/digital-media/ 

Summer Learning Brochure 2019

Summer Learning Parent Letter

Summer Reading Lists and Resources

Math Advice for Parents

Goose Chase App

Join the Summer STEM Challenge:

     1. Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app.
     2. Register for a personal account with a username & password of your choice. (Parents, please set one account up for your family team.) Or log in from last year.
    3. Search for and select the "Summer STEM Challenge" game.