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 What does "Wellness" have to do with a pie?

Individuals who achieve “Wellness” maintain a balance of these four important “slices” of life:
  • P: Physical Well-Being
  • I: Intellectual Well-Being
  • E: Emotional Well-Being
  • S: Social Well-Being

Wallingford Public Schools has embraced a wellness model that supports an interactive process of practicing healthy choices to achieve this much needed balance. Enjoy your PIES!!!

Vision Statements: 

Wallingford Health & Physical Education Vision: Wallingford graduates will be motivated and prepared with the skills and knowledge to develop and maintain overall wellness through lifelong activities and healthy practices.

Upcoming Events:



District Climate Data & Information:

This information falls within the "Social/Emotional" component of Wellness. 

2017-2018 Results 2019-2020 Results 2021-2022 Results

2017/2018 District Climate Results: Summary

2017/2018 District Climate Results

2019/2020 District Climate Results: Summary

2019/2020 District Climate Results PK-2

2019/2020 District Climate Results 3-5

2019/2020 District Climate Results MS

2019/2020 District Climate Results HS

2019/2020 District Climate Results Adult Ed.

District Climate Summary 22'

PK-2 Climate Results 22'

3-5 Climate Results 22'

MS Climate Results 22'

HS Climate Results 22'

Adult Ed Climate Results 22'




CT School Health Survey: 

Wallingford is proud to be the only district in Connecticut to have completed the CT School Health Survey 3 times! We use this data to help drive curriculum and other programs geared toward helping students live healthier and happier lives. 

Connecticut Health Survey Results Summary 2017

Connecticut Health Survey Results 2015
Connecticut Health Survey Results 2013


Wellness Policy:

If you would to join a subcommittee of the District Wellness Management Team, please contact the staff member listed below:

Triennial Wellness Policy Assessment - June 2022

Triennial Wellness Policy Assessment Narrative - June 2022

Physical Education and Health - Tony Loomis

Counseling and Social Services- Tony Loomis

Nursing - Kathy Neelon

Food Services- Jim Bondi

Community Partners - Sean Doherty and Steve Civitelli

Contact Us:

(203) 949-6505