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Image of Baked Pie What does "Wellness" have to do with a pie?

Individuals who achieve “Wellness” maintain a balance of these four important “slices” of life:

Pie Bullet (P)

P: Physical Well-Being

Pie Bullet (I)

I:  Intellectual Well-Being

Pie Bullet (E)

E:  Emotional Well-Being

Pies Bullet (S)

S: Social Well-Being

Wallingford Public Schools has embraced a wellness model that supports an interactive process of practicing healthy choices to achieve this much needed balance. Enjoy your PIES!!!

Vision Statements: 

Wallingford Health & Physical Education Vision: Wallingford graduates will be motivated and prepared with the skills and knowledge to develop and maintain overall wellness through lifelong activities and healthy practices.

Data & Information:

District Climate Results: 6/5/2018 Presentation

Connecticut Health Survey Results 2017: coming soon
Connecticut Health Survey Results 2015
Connecticut Health Survey Results 2013


Wellness Policy:

If you would to join a subcommittee of the District Wellness Management Team, please contact the staff member listed below:

Physical Education and Health - Tony Loomis

Counseling and Social Services- 

Nursing - Kathy Neelon

Food Services- David Mensher

Community Partners - Sean Doherty and Eloise Hazelwood

You may read the entire Wellness Policy here.

Contact Us:

(203) 949-6528