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Kate O'Donnell

My name is Hitika Patel and I am a Capstone student at Sheehan High School. For my Capstone project, I am creating a multicultural support group where first generation/immigrant teenagers can vent, discuss, and celebrate our journeys and struggles through adapting to the dominant, Americanized culture. During these meetings, we will hold fun activities, competitions, games, and tutoring sessions so we can connect with other first generation/immigrant teenagers who share similar struggles. These meetings will be every other week on Sunday mornings, and the first meeting will be March 7th via google meets! If any fellow first generation/immigrant teenagers of Wallingford are interested in joining my group, please email hjpatel@wallingfordschools.org. Or, you can email me through my personal email, hitikap3@gmail.com. Thank you! Click here to view my poster!