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K-5 Library Media Centers

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We hope that you enjoy these pages and find them helpful in selecting new books as well as conducting research.

Our Mission

The goal of the school library media program is:

  • to satisfy a student’s natural curiosity for information
  • to provide opportunities for frequent learning and reading experiences
  • to develop the habit of using library media resources for reference, recreation, and lifelong learning

Policies and Procedures

Student Circulation

Students visit the library from their classrooms independently, in small groups, or as a whole class. The open borrowing policy allows students to check out books any time during the school day when the library circulation desk is staffed. All students have the opportunity to visit the media center.

Number of Library Materials

These are the guidelines we follow for students borrowing.

Kindergarten: 1

First Grade: 2

Second Grade: 3

Third Grade: 3

Fourth Grade: 4

Fifth Grade: 5

Loan Period

Students may borrow most library materials for two weeks. Often, these items may be renewed. A student with overdue material cannot check out any other material until the overdue item is resolved. The library always prefers the return of the book over payment as some books cannot be replaced. If payment is made to clear a student's circulation account and the item is found in good condition within the school year, the money will be reimbursed.

Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials

I. Damaged or lost instructional materials

Textbooks, library books, and other instructional materials are loaned to students for their use and shall be returned when requested by school authorities. Students must pay for the repair of any book or instructional material that is damaged or pay current value of any book or material that is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. The legal guardian shall be held responsible for repair or replacement costs for minors. Adult students and emancipated minors shall be held personally responsible for repair or replacement costs.

The superintendent is authorized by the Board to establish administrative procedures to carry out these sanctions.

II. Vandalism

Any student who willfully cuts, defaces, or otherwise injures in any way any property, real or personal, belonging to the school district shall be held liable for all such damages up to the maximum amount allowed under state law. The parent or guardian of a minor shall be held responsible for such damages. An adult person or an emancipated minor shall be held personally liaable for any such damages.

The liability provided under state statue does not relieve the minor of personal liability for such damage. The liability of the parent for damages done by a minor child is in addition to any other liability which exists under the law.

The student may also be subject to disciplinary action.

Legal Reference: Connecticut State Statutes
10-221 , 10-228, and 52-572
Policy Approved: 4/8/85
Policy Revised: 5/19/97
Policy Manual Reference STUDENTS / Student Fines and Charges / JN

Citing the Sources of Information

When researching a topic, it is so important that you give credit to the source (creator) of the information. This might be the author of a book, the photographer of a picture, the song writer of a piece of music, or even the author of a Website. By citing your source of information you will not only be giving credit to the creator, but also protecting yourself against plagiarism (stealing intellectual property!).

Please use the citation sheets below to cite your sources.

Citation Guide




InfoPlease Almanac

Fact Monster

World Fact Book

National Geographic



Merriam Webster's Student Dictionary

Little Explorer's Dictionary includes help translating words into other languages

Bartleby's Dictionary includes information authors

Digital Libraries

Awesome Library- Over 15.000 carefully selected web sites for kids and parents.

Wallingford Public Library- Search the public library's catalog

Encyclopedias & Databases

Encyclopedia Britannica Online (partial access without subscription)
Grolier Online
  • Grolier database link is below. You will need to enter our user name and password for at home (remote) access. This was distributed to all students. If you have misplaced or forgotten the username and password please feel free to contact me.
  • http://go.grolier.com
  • Includes States of the USA database
Kids InfoBits
Information Please/Columbia Encyclopedia


Boys' Life

Discovery Girls

Kids Discover

National Geographic Kids

Ranger Rick

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Search Engines

Kids Click!- Over 5000 web sites selected by librarians for kids.

Think-Quest- Over 1500 student-created web sites.