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Moving to Wallingford?

Are you thinking about or planning on moving to Wallingford? The following information may answer some questions you have.


Which school will my child attend?

The transportation office has a house by house list of each school's district. You can call Mary Ann Croce at 203-949-6512 during normal school business hours to find out which school your child will attend. Click here for the Transportation page.

In general, the east side of Wallingford is served by Moses Y. Beach and E. C. Stevens Elementary Schools for K-2, Rock Hill and Pond Hill Elementary Schools for Grades 3-5, Dag Hammarskjold Middle School, and Lyman Hall High School. The west side of Wallingford is served by Cook Hill and Highland Elementary Schools for K-2, Parker Farms and Mary G. Fritz Elementary Schools for Grades 3-5, James H. Moran Middle School, and Mark T. Sheehan High School.

What do students learn in Wallingford Public Schools?

Curriculum development in Wallingford is based on the CT Core Standards (http://ctcorestandards.org/). These standards anchor our unit development using the Understanding by Design model. Objectives and lessons are created by teachers and administrators in Wallingford to best suit students in Wallingford Public Schools. To see curriculum documents in particular areas and grade levels, click here.

My child has special needs. What services does Wallingford Public Schools provide?

Pupil Personnel Services provides a wide range of services in order to meet the needs of all learners who attend Wallingford Public Schools. Some of those special education programs include Integrated Pre-School, Specialized K-2 program for students with significant cognitive delays, Harvest Park Elementary program, INSPIRE, ARTS Academy, ICE-T, resource rooms, push in and pull out support, as well as a variety of other options based on students' Individualized Education Programs.

Click here for more detailed information about Pupil Personnel Services in Wallingford.

What is new and innovative in Wallingford Public Schools?

For the last few years, Wallingford Public Schools has created and supported the 21st Century Innovation Team and the Innovation Implementation Team. The work of these teams has provided research-based guidance about future teaching and learning innovations in Wallingford. This group of innovation ideas and practices is collectively called the Wallingford 100. The goal of the Wallingford 100 is to Change Mindset with 100% Community Support for 100% Engaged Students and 100% Graduation and Success. For more information about School Innovation, click here.

Wallingford has been designated a STEM Town. Wallingford STEM Town is a community initiative that brings education and awareness about opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Click here to watch Wallingford STEM featured on CPTV on Life Lessons: New Collar Careers.

Click here to watch our Wallingford STEM documentary.

In addition, Wallingford has launched the Center for Innovation and Design, a unique aerospace experience with our partners at VSSEC- Victorian Space Science Education Center in Australia. For more information about the Center for Innovation and Design, click here.

How does Wallingford Public Schools connect to local businesses?

The HUBCAP Wallingford is a hybrid- business incubator providing a unique opportunity for collaboration between schools and businesses to provide an authentic learning experience while expanding downtown Wallingford business. For more information or to become a member, click here.

Does Wallingford Public Schools offer any continuing education?

Wallingford Adult Education offers three types of programs.

1. Free academic classes with the following topics:
English as a Second Language (ESL)
U.S. Citizenship Exam Preparation
General Educational Development (GED)
National External Diploma Program (NEDP)
Wallingford High School Credit Diploma Program (CDP)

2. General Interest Courses on topics like:
Arts, Crafts, Hobbies
Dance & Fitness

3. Career Training including:
Certified Nurses Assistant
Phlebotomy and EKG Training
Medical Assistant Training
Triple Medical Training Program

For more information, go to www.wallingfordadulted.org.

Parent Ambassador Feedback Survey

We appreciate all of your efforts and want to offer continued support in this initiative. Therefore, we ask that all Parent Ambassadors complete the survey below each time that you offer a visit or information to a new family considering moving to Wallingford. This feedback will help us to improve our resources.