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HUBCAP is a unique facility which provides a location for educational opportunities as well as growth in local start-up business. The downtown storefront offers students an environment to express their creativity while exploring and engaging in relevant learning experiences. These learning experiences are afforded through mentorships or internships with the start-up businesses.

The physical layout of HUBCAP is flexible, supporting collaboration, innovation, and creativity. With office space and a state-of-the-art conference room available, HUBCAP will provide all of the necessary professional amenities in a one of a kind atmosphere in Wallingford.

A student-run café and open space for educational and community art displays completes what promises to be the hub of student capstone research projects and the resurgence of capital improvement in downtown Wallingford.


HUBCAP strives to provide collaboration between schools and business to increase college and career readiness while expanding downtown Wallingford business alternatives.

Innovation Education

HUBCAP provides:

  • Authentic learning for students
  • Personalized learning experiences
  • School to business connections
  • School presence in community


HUBCAP space allows for:

  • Authentic collaboration between school and business environment.
  • Increased student college and career readiness while expanding downtown Wallingford
  • Affordable start-up business alternatives
  • Mentorship/Internship opportunities for students


At HUBCAP we believe in creating an environment of shared values. We are part of a movement of people trying to value not only to the bottom line, but to our communities, our environment, and our world.

Members at HUBCAP are value-driven, collaborative people building innovative solutions for a radically better world. They come from every profession, background and culture, work in non-profits, for-profits, or the many shades in-between, and bring in diverse skills, tools, and experiences – yet, what unites them is their intent, passion and commitment to make a positive difference and tackle pressing issues.