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Mastery Based Learning

Mastery-based learning is known by several other names, such as competency-based learning and proficiency-based learning. In Wallingford, we are using the term mastery-based learning.

Why mastery-based learning?

In a mastery-based learning environment there is a consistent set of rigorous standards for all students.

These standards provide the following:

- clear and consistent expectations for student learning
- clear and consistent criteria for assessing student achievement (grading)
- clear and consistent criteria for communicating with students and parents student learning and achievement
- local control of establishing what students need to know and be able to do to graduate from Wallingford Public Schools

Key Understandings

- Rigor
- Consistency
- Local Control

How is this different from what we are already doing?

In reality, many aspects of mastery-based learning are not different than what we are already doing. We have a curriculum based on standards. We have grading in K-5 based on standards.

The main differences are:

- teachers and administrators will not be the only ones to know the standards for students
- a clear progression and alignment of standards would exist and be shared so we all know what a graduate from Wallingford Public Schools knows and is able to do
- these clear locally developed standards will be the basis for a consistent reporting of progress to parents and students
- the district adopted standards are consistently rigorous for all students


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