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3D Design Challenges

Spring 2018 Challenge

Last year, all students in Grades K-8 were invited to participate in a 3D Design Challenge to create a boat that would hold the most weight out of a 6"x6" sheet of aluminum foil.

Summer 2018 Challenges

Over the summer, students and families of all ages were invited to participate in a series of design challenges. The weekly challenges asked students and their families to dream, design, and do using the Wallingford 3D Learning model. Participants completed the challenges using the given materials and took a picture to send to the Goose Chase app that was used to notify participants of the next challenge. Students and their families attended a final 3D STEM Tech Trep Challenge on August 20 at Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theater. They were given an opportunity to see and touch items made by several local manufacturers, including allnex, APS, Holo-Krome, Hobson & Motzer, Ulbrich, and Nucor.

Click here to see images from the Spring 2018 3D Design Challenge

The 3D STEM Summer Challenges included

  1. Marshmallow tower- Using only 25 mini-marshmallows and 20 toothpicks, build the tallest free-standing tower you can. Hold a measuring stick up next to your tower and take a picture.

2. Tennis ball holder- Using only 12 straws and 12 inches of tape, build the tallest structure you can that holds a tennis ball off of the table. Measure to the bottom of the tennis ball. Hold a measuring stick up next to your tower and take a picture.

3. Balloon tower- Using up to 10 balloons and one sheet of stickers, create the tallest tower you can. Hold a measuring stick up next to your structure and take a picture.

4. Balloon powered vehicle- Using a balloon, 6 inches of tape, a bottle, and a straw, create a balloon powered vehicle that will travel the entire length of the string. Take a short video showing your balloon vehicle moving to the end of the string.

5. Post-It note tower- Using 20 post-it notes only, create the tallest free-standing tower you can. Hold a measuring stick up next to your tower and take a picture.

6. Catapults- Using a can or bottle, one spoon, 4 rubber bands, and 2 craft sticks, build a catapult that can move a ping pong ball at least 2 feet. Take a short video showing your catapult shooting the ping pong ball.

7. Paper clip redesign- Design a better paper clip- Using one paper clip, unbend it to create a new-shaped paper clip that can hold 10 pages without damaging or bending the paper. Take a picture of your new clip holding the paper together.

8. Index Card bridge challenge- Using 10 Index Cards, scissors, up to 10 paper clips, and one foot of tape, create a bridge across the wooden blocks that will hold the most large washers. Count how many your bridge can hold before it falls down. Take a picture or video of your bridge and keep track of how many washers it held.

School Year 2018-2019 Challenges

This school year, all students in grades k-12 were invited to participate in a fall and spring design challenge. The fall challenge consisted of redesigning a paperclip to hold the most weight, creating a catapult that would launch a ping pong ball the farthest, or creating a paper airplane that would fly the farthest.

The spring challenge will be announced in February. 

Summer 2019 Challenges

This summer families again used the GooseChase app to access weekly STEM challenges. This year there were also math and physical activity challenges to participate in as well. Over 170 families participated in the summer challenges.