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Wallingford STEM Town Beginnings

What is a STEM Town?

The Wallingford Public School District is working in collaboration with all Town departments, social service agencies, businesses and higher education partners to chart a course for the Town of Wallingford to be a STEM Town. All of these groups will work together to solve the following problem statement that was developed by the STEM Steering Committee, which was comprised of town leaders, community organizations, business representatives, higher education partners, parents, students, teachers, and administrators.

Problem Statement

The community of Wallingford needs a way to expand the awareness of and readiness for STEM careers to increase personal success in careers and community vitality.

What does a STEM Town designation mean?

What a STEM Town designation means is that we are all focused on the problem and will work collaboratively to make a greater impact than if we worked in silos on our own. By coordinating efforts to increase student awareness and interest in STEM fields before, during, and after school, we hope to impact the number of students who pursue such pathways in our high schools, college and the world of work.

In addition, by doing so, we believe this increased awareness in students will also impact families. By focusing on the opportunities that students have before them in our town, state, and nation, we hope parents will support our efforts by supporting their children.

Lastly, we believe local business will reap the benefit of a STEM Town designation through the mindset shift that needs to occur in assisting all citizens in their deeper understanding of the many fields and industries in Wallingford. We also hope that by putting forth publicly that Wallingford is a STEM Town, businesses investigating a move into our town will choose it due to our commitment to this mission.

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