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Student Success Plan

The Student Success Plan is an individualized student-centered plan that engages every student based on their unique interests and strengths. The SSP will begin in Grade 6 and continue through high school. It will provide the student support and assistance in setting goals for academic, career, social, emotional, and physical development. The SSP and supporting activities, such as student portfolios and experiences outside the classroom, along with academic/personal records should be electronic and portable following the student from school to school and district to district.

This refers to Legislation Public Act No. 11-135: “For the school year commencing July 1, 2012, and each school year thereafter, each local and regional board of education shall create a student success plan for each student enrolled in a public school, beginning in grade six. Such student success plan shall include a student’s career and academic choices in grades six to twelve, inclusive.”

Core Components of the Wallingford SSP Plan:

An effective Student Success Plan is built around three core components:

  1. Academic Development
  2. Career Development
  3. Social, Emotional and Physical Development.

Below are the Mission Statements for the District and schools. Followed by that are Specific Model Criteria for each of the core components which are also considered to be essential to a comprehensive SSP.