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Snack Attack

E. C. Stevens Snack Attack with Mr. Matarese

Randomly once per week, I will make an announcement in the morning that says, “Today is a Snack Attack Day.” Teachers will then count how many healthy snacks are being eaten by the students during their snack time. We are keeping this simple for grades PreK-2. Unhealthy snacks (which will earn zero points) will be: chips, Cheetos, candy, cake, cookies, donuts, soda, etc. (your basic high sugar/fat/salt stuff). One point will be given for each student with a healthy snack, such as: yogurt, pretzels, crackers, veggie chips, etc. Two points will be awarded for students who bring in, and eat either a fruit or vegetable. The classes with the highest percentage of students eating healthy snacks will be announced the following morning over the loudspeaker, and they will get a Snack Attack Trophy in their classroom. The class gets to keep the trophy and title until the next Snack Attack Day.

Questions: Contact amatarese@wallingfordschools.org