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About Us

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Wallingford Education Enhancement Program/Alternative Program maintains that the primary factor in keeping students in school is the motivation to instill success in the classroom. If the student is able to achieve a degree of academic accomplishment, he or she is likely to develop a more favorable attitude about learning and school in general. More importantly, as a result of these academic experiences, the student will begin to develop a more positive self-image.

We continually seek to encourage student learning and to promote academic success by actively involving students in their classes and various school activities. In essence, the curriculum represents the program's commitment to developing self-esteem, improving interpersonal skills, and instilling a sense of moral and ethical values within the student.

The Wallingford Alternative High School has become a viable option for Lyman Hall and Sheehan high school students within this academic framework and philosophy.

Selection Process

The Education Enhancement Program is a school of choice. Students are selected to apply based upon many variables including student needs, persistence, earnest determination to pursue an educational experience, and the desire to attain a high school diploma.

  1. Students will be recommended for admission by their respective high school administration and/or selection committee.
  2. Students will discuss the Alternative Program with their social worker, counselor and administrator.
  3. Students will file an application signed by the student, parent and principal. All applications must include a transcript.
  4. An admission interview for both student and parent(s) is required and is held at the EEP/Alternative Program at Sheehan High School.
  5. Notification of acceptance of students will be made through the EEP director.
  6. There are 15 students in attendance from Lyman Hall and 15 from Sheehan.

Program Information

Grades: 9-12

Contact Persons:

  • Doreen Dressel - Lead Teacher - Phone (203) 294-3932 - Email ddressel@wallingfordschools.org
  • Sean Caviston - School Psychologist - Phone (203) 294-3937 - Email scaviston@wallingfordschools.org

Year established: 1991

Location: Housed at Mark T. Sheehan High School, 142 Hope Hill Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

Funding: Wallingford Board of Education

Graduation Requirements

  • 26 credits in defined subject areas required by the Wallingford Board of Education.
  • Students receive either a Lyman Hall or Sheehan diploma, depending on their sending school.

Student Evaluation

  • Students receive letter grades
  • Final grades are sent and recorded in the students' respective high schools.
  • They are also required to pass Connecticut Academic Performance Tests and local assessments.


  • All teachers are Connecticut-certified and evaluated by local administration in accordance with district and state policies.