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Highland Information & News

Highland School sits in the town's northwest corner, just off Rt. 68 by the Cheshire town line, on a hill overlooking Sheehan High School. It serves students who live on and near Highland Ave., in northern Ridgeland, and north and south of Rt. 68 between Grove Street and the Cheshire border.

The one-story plant is 10 separate buildings linked by window-walled halls, with 22 classrooms. Each grade shares a "pod" of rooms including the individual classrooms, an activity area, and restrooms.

Highland's instructional efforts focus heavily on building early literacy. Communication with the home is also a chief school goal. Regular newsletters and Parent Teacher Advisory Council activities foster parents-teachers dialog and collaboration. The PTO provides volunteers in the classroom, and sponsors many events throughout the year, including field day, art show, canned food drive, a blood drive, and fund raising activities.

  • Principal: Victoria A. Reed
  • Staff: 28 teachers, 24 support staff
  • 289 Students

About Our Principal Ms. Victoria A. Reed

Ms. Victoria A. Reed has been the principal of Highland Elementary School since July 2001. During this time she has overseen the renovation of the school plant, increasing and decreasing student enrollments and the reconfiguration of the school from a K-5 building to a K-2 building. She is actively involved in all aspects of the school community. Under her direction, Highland School instituted a character education program and launched its first Family Arts Night; an eagerly anticipated spring event! Ms. Reed has established excellent relationships within and across the Wallingford community and looks forward to meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

Prior to her position as Highland School principal, Ms. Reed was an assistant principal with the Groton Public Schools. She worked closely with the Navy community to help students and families transition from overseas schools or schools from across the United States. This exceptional experience provided the necessary preparation to become a principal in her own building one day.

Ms. Reed believes that the partnership between home and school is vital to the success of all students. Parents are encouraged to become active participants in the education of their child by supporting students during homework time, reading at home together and communicating with the school regarding questions or concerns. Collectively, parents and staff, working side by side can prepare our students for the 21st century learning opportunities in the years ahead.

Highland School A Great Place to Learn!