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Moran Mustangs Athletic Teams by Season




Fall Cross-Country Steven Scursso  
Winter Girls Basketball Steven Scursso  
  Boys Basketball Brendan Devine  
Spring Track & Field Steven Scursso & Donna Neary  
  Softball Lesley Pacelli-Kukta  
  Baseball Scott Iwaniec  

2019-2020 Sports Athletic Form   -  See the form for due dates for each sport.


Moran Cross-Country Home Page


Basketball- Lady Mustangs

2019-2020 Season

  • ALL SPORTS PHYSICALS - Must be turned in to the School Nurse on or before Friday, October 18th
  • TRYOUT DATES - The week of November 18th

Basketball- Mustangs

2017-2018 Season - Schedule

  • Please listen to morning announcements.
  • Sign-Ups will take place at this meeting.
  • In the boys' locker room
  • Athletes must have all grades average to a C- on their 1st Trimester Mid-term Report Card.
  • If an athlete 2 or more grades below a C- on their 1st Trimester Mid-Term Report Card,
    they will not be allowed to tryout for the team.
  • Athletes must maintain their academic eligibility throughout the entire basketball season.
  • If an athlete has 2 or more grades below a C- on their...
    • 1st Trimester Report Card, they will be suspended from practices & games until they have fewer than 2 grades below a C-.
  • ALL SPORTS PHYSICALS - Must be turned in to the School Nurse on or before Friday, October 27th
    • Physical Form (Current) - Last years' Physical is not valid for this year.
    • Parent Permission Slip (with parent signature)
    • Code of Ethics (signed by athlete and parent)
  • All forms can be obtained at the School Nurse's Office or on the main Athletic page
  • If you have any questions about your child's physical, parent permission slip contact the school nurse, Ms. Duman.
2017-2018 Tryouts Dates & Times
  • Beginning the week of Monday, November 6th.
  • More specific dates will be given at the Informational Meeting.
  • Tryouts will be held right after school until 4:45 pm each day.
  • Please have rides ready at that time.
  • Please come with a T-shirt with your last name on the back, if possible.
  • Callbacks will be posted in the boys' locker room.
  • November 20th - 1st Day of Practice
  • Monday through Friday right after school.
  • All Practices end at 4:45 pm!
  • Have rides ready at that time!


  • Start at 3:30pm.
  • End approximately 5:00pm.


  • Start at 3:30pm.
  • Return to Moran between 5:15pm-5:45pm.

All games are subject to change.

Contact Information

Email: bdevine@wallingfordschools.org
Phone: 203-741-2900


2019 Baseball Schedule 

Contact James H. Moran Middle School if you have any questions. 

3 Ways to Improve Before You Even Step on a Ball Field:

         1. eat healthy/drink water

         2. Get Enough Sleep

         3. Watch a Game Every Night


"Baseball is 90% Mental, the other half is physical"....Below is the 90%

        1. Pick up Pennies = Get the easy outs, the easy hits and the easy runs. Pick up a penny as you walk by because one day you'll need a dollar. 

        2. Pack Parachutes = In WWII, paratroopers survived because someone else packed them a backup parachute in case theirs failed. How are you going to "pack parachutes" for your teammates when things don't go their way?

       3. Stay in The Middle = Don't get too high or too low; too happy or too sad; too anxious or too patient; too ambitious or not ambitious enough. The game is played in the middle where you recognize what you did correctly, but learned from what went wrong. 

       4. The game will move on to the next batter and so should you! 


Who Do You Want Up In The Bottom of the 9th, Bases Loaded, 2 outs, down by 1?

        the answer:  Whoever is ready


2019 Softball Schedule

Coach - Lesley Pacelli-Kukta

Track & Field

Track & Field Home Page

Non-discrimination and Accessibility