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Parker Farms/Cook Hill PTO

To whom it may concern, 
I, Sherlyn Avila, would like to start by introducing the new PTO board for the school year 2021-2022. We are all looking forward to working together to make sure the school year is exciting and successful. 

The members of the PTO board are as follows:

Sherlyn Avila and Michelle Kravitz- Co-presidents

Anna Patchell and Mary Oneto- Co-Vice presidents

Remy Marinelli- Treasurer

Ava Howe and Jennifer Carreira- Co-Secretaries 

  Sherlyn Avila has a third-grader and two fifth-graders at PF.  Michelle Kravitz has a third-grader at PF.  Anna Patchell has a third-grader at PF and two seventh graders at Moran.  Mary Oneto has a third-grader at PF.  Remy Marinelli has a senior at Sheehan, a third-grader at PF, and a first-grader at CH.  Ava Howe has a second-grader and a preschooler (Prek4) at CH.  Jennifer Carreira has a kindergartener and a second-grader at CH.

Below is a list of dates and events we are looking forward to having this school year, which will be added to the district calendar as well.  If you have any questions or if any changes are needed to be made, please contact Michelle or me at Millares91@gmail.com (Sherlyn Avila) mkravitz1721@yahoo.com (Michelle Kravitz).

Thank you!

Important Dates for 21-22 school year for Cook Hill/Parker Farms School PTO:

9/07/21- PTO Meeting at 7:00 pm  (virtually)

9/10/21-Welcome back picnic at 5:30 pm with a rain date of 09/17/21

9/20/21- Kickoff Day of Awesomeness-PF

10/01/21-School store-PF

10/05/21-PTO Meeting at 7:00 pm (virtually)

10/14/21-10/15/21- Book Fair- CH

10/19/21- Day of Awesomeness- PF

10/28/21- Truck or Treat 5:00-6:00-CH students

6:30-7:30-PF students. Rain Date-10/29/21

11/3/21-11/5/21- Book Fair-PF

11/12/21-School Store-CH

11/16/21 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm ( virtually)

12/3/21-School Store-PF

12/7/21-PTO Meeting 7:00 pm (virtually)

1/4/22-PTO Meeting 7:00 pm ( virtually)

1/7/22- School Store-CH

2/1/22-PTO Meeting 7:00 pm ( virtually)

2/4/22- School Store-PF

2/21/22-2/25/22-  Book Fair- CH

2/25/22 Fun Son event- PF and CH

3/1/22-PTO Meeting 7:00 pm ( virtually)

3/2/22-3/3/22- Book Fair-PF

3/4/22 School Store-CH

3/25/22 Sweetheart Dance- PF and CH 

4/1/22 Snow date for the Sweetheart Dance

4/1/22 School Store-PF

4/5/22 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm (Virtually)

5/2/22-5/5/22- Teacher Appreciation Week

5/3/22- PTO Meeting 7:00 pm (Virtually)

5/18/22-5/20/22- Book Fair- CH

5/26/22-5/27/22-Book Fair- PF

5/25/22- Field day-CH

5/27/22- Field day rain date-CH

6/1/22-Field day-PF

6/2/22 Field day rain date-PF

6/7/22 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm ( Virtually)


Contact Us: pfchspto@gmail.com


Please click here to join our Facebook group and get up to date information! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/PFCHSPTO/)

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