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PPS Programs

Integrated PreK at Cook Hill School

The staff members of the Integrated Preschool believe that all children are unique in their learning style and can benefit from being exposed to a developmental curriculum. The Preschool provides an active, nurturing environment that fosters positive behaviors and independence.

For more information about the Integrated Preschool, contact:
Donna Curtis, Special Education Coordinator
Joan Papale, Elementary Department Head K-2
Duane Samuel, School Psychologist
Regina Kosior, School Psychologist

Harvest Park Elementary Program at Mary G. Fritz

The Harvest Park Program is an alternative special education program that keeps Wallingford Students in Wallingford Schools.

We provide special education services to elementary students that have been determined appropriate by the Planning and Placement Team.
Students in the program participate in a behavior modification program with token economy, and receive:
  • instruction by certified staff
  • counseling by the school social worker
  • speech/language, occupational, and physical therapy services
  • daily, weekly, and monthly rewards.
For more information about the Harvest Park Program, contact:
Robert Mancusi, Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Program Administrator
(203) 294-5946
To contact program staff:
Kathy Sinisgalli, Program Clerk, (203) 294-5972
Christine Hall, School Social Worker, chhall@wallingfordschools.org, (203) 284-6920
Emilee Ziolkowski, Special Education and Classroom Teacher, eziolkowski@wallingfordschools.org, (203) 284-6921


Alternative Route to Success (A.R.T.S.) Academy

For information about the ARTS Academy, contact the PPS Department.

Independent Community & Employment Training Program at Lyman Hall High School

The I.C.E.-T. Transition Program provides supported vocational experiences which will help increase employment opportunities and further independence.

The goals of the ICE-T Program are

  • To provide work experiences within the Wallingford community where job skills necessary for employment can be developed.
  • To help students generalize appropriate attitudes and behaviors necessary for successful transitions into working environments.
  • To guide students with self-assessment activities & perform situational assessments in order to explore their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses & aptitudes.
  • To provide real life experiences that promote problem solving, high order thinking skills and strategies necessary for successful transition to adult life.

Students participate in experiences at job sites in the local community, which have included these locations:

  • All Pets Club
  • Mobile Theatre & Security
  • Gaylord Rehabilitation Hospital
  • IGA East Center Market
  • Olympia Sports
  • Elizabeth’s Bakery
  • Black Horse Stables
  • The Breakfast Nook
  • Walgreens
  • Master's Manna Food Pantry
For information about the I.C.E.-T. Program, contact:
Teresia O'Hala, Transition Specialist
Lyman Hall High School